Bravado goes Acoustic!

It’s been a while I know, but we have been trying to get this site updated, find new a new bass player, rehearse new tunes etc.

So anyway….at the suggestion of our dear friend Avee, we finally decided to unplug our g strings and see what happened. The response when we posted the first rehearsal was unbelieveable. Over 2k views in just a few days. Now, we had been toying with this idea for a while but never had the time to actually sit down, pull BY off his kit and plonk a guitar in front of him! It also meant me (Paula) rethinking some guitar solos- I’m an affy one for going up the neck as far as I can and that just doesn’t work acoustically! The other great thing is people can actually HEAR Pamela’s beautiful tones instead of us noisy buggars drowning her out all the time. However, the main test will be the very first gig which is in Copper Still, Bell Street, Dundee on 30th September, 4.15-6.15pm. It will be nerve wracking but we’d love you to join us if you can. Until the next blog, I’ll leave you with a link to Sunday’s rehearsal of California Dreaming (Sia version) Take care, Paula and Bravado x

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