Get your copy of Bravado’s latest EP: RETURN TO ROCK!

As Alan Wilson writing freelance for the Courier said:
“The fast paced collection does what it says on the tin.
This is a record to get excited about.”


1. Past The Point
2. Better Than Lonely
3. Return to Rock
4. Look into Me
5. These Walls

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If you are a fan of Heart, Evanescence, or Skunkanansie, this 5 track E.P is a must have for your collection. From the fantastic vocal range of Pamela Stewart, the “skull baking” solos and riffs of Paula Knight, to the thundertastic grooving bass lines of Emily Mc Donald and the sheer energy of Mr BY on drums, not forgetting Mally’s fabulous fingers on keys, this truly is an EP that makes you want to go for that run, do that workout, or just pull out that inner rockstar!  Click the order button below, and get instant access to Bravado’s latest E.P “Return to Rock”, and discover why so many people are getting excited about this band!