Get your copy of Bravado’s latest album ‘Cascadia’

As Blues Bunny Magazine wrote in their latest review ‘ Bravado is a band that will be welcomed with open arms by fans of Heart… good is it to occasionally surrender completely to classic rock sounds?’

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If you are a fan of Heart, Evanescence, or Blondie this 12 track album is a must have for your collection.  The fantastic vocal range of Pamela Stewart blends well with the “skull baking” solos and riffs from Paula Knight, the thundertastic grooving bass lines of Emily Mc Donald/Steven Magners, whilst not forgetting the sheer energy of Mr BY on drums, and Mally the fingers on keys! This truly is an album that makes you want to go for that run, do that workout, or just pull out that inner rockstar! Simply click here  to listen to the album now and discover why so many people are getting excited about this band!

As puts it ‘ This mix inspires with freshness and innovation…Bravado have created great and emotionally moving music’