Charity Night Success!

A bit of B.Y anyone?

We had such a fantastic night on Friday and wanted to thank you all for coming. It was months in the prep and was great to see it all come together. The gear was put in and set up on the Thursday night….by making two trips with one car…I didn’t bargain on Mally having bags and bags of raffle prizes as well as his twenty keyboards with him! (We also had B.Y’s kit 🙂 However, we managed and met at 6.30pm on Friday evening. The lovely Scott Goldsmith provided us with lights and doubled up as a sound engineer too. We were soundchecked and ready for action by 7.15pm. People began arriving by half past as well as the support bands Blush and Speckled Doves. By the time Pammy B.Y and I went onstage at 8pm to warm up with a few acoustics, the venue was already busy. I was really glad as the other bands had a decent sized crowd to play to. B.Y was in fine form and had many a wee one liner to get the crowds laughing during the raffle! All of Bravado played brilliantly and I’m especially proud of B.Y who seemed to have a new lease of life. He was banging away at the bin lids like Animal from the muppet show! Everyone who came was just so generous and we raised £497 on the night. The people who couldn’t come put £560 into the go fund me page. We are still awaiting other donations but thank you all so much for coming and supporting us and MacMillan! It means a lot I’ll leave you with a picture of that fabulous cake Katie Irwin made for B.Y! xx

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