How Diane Gaidry starred in our video

Ok, if truth be known, I can’t take ANY credit for this one! Our lead singer, Pamela, decided to do a Life Coaching course a few years ago. Since watching the great movie, ‘Loving Annabelle’, we had all been fans of Diane, and Pamela found out that she happened to be a Life Coach as well as an actress! She then decided to email Diane for advice about the course and they got on so well that they soon became friends.

Diane Gaidry headshot

Pamela was on Skype with her one night and told her we had recorded agreat new track and wanted an actress to star in it. Diane asked what the story was behind the song, and Pamela told her that it was all about being betrayed and cheated on.
Pamela then thought ‘ I’m just gonna ask her to star in it. She can only say ‘no,’ but to our surprise, Diane agreed and said she was good at looking ‘heartbroken!’

One month and one flight from Buffalo, U.S.A later and Diane Gaidry was standing in my flat ready to film. Surreal wasn’t the word. I just hoped there wasn’t any dirty washing kicking about! However, she was totally down to earth and up for a laugh and we had such a great time filming it. She even drove my car in a scene (She drives it better than me by the way!)

Diane, Ryan, and Pamela

It only took one whole day and a half, including an early morning sunrise shot at Brought Ferry beach- which I’m sure Diane didn’t thank us for! After the filming, we took Diane and her friends out for an Italian meal and some prosecco to celebrate. She had to leave early the next day so we didn’t get much down time. However, it’s an experience we’ll never forget!

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