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Dancer Kianna Halkett

Hi there. It’s been a while! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and are healthy and happy.

If you’ve been on our facebook or you tube channel you’ll have seen the new video for Ballad of Roxy and Tim. If not, you’re in for a treat!

As you may know, the challenge every musician faces in doing a video is to make it as interesting and watchable as possible in order to get more views. You are also continually working to a very small budget. However, we’ve been quite lucky to work with so many different film makers for all our videos. This time we wanted to try something completely different for ‘Roxy and Tim’ and I always had the image of seeing it as a dance. I therefore researched dance studios in Dundee and found the Launch Pad. I emailed the song and my idea and to my delight, Laura Rehman who runs the studio got back to me immediately. She offered to choreograph the whole video and Pamela and I auditioned some dancers. Although all girls were brilliant, we decided on Kianna Halkett as she had the edge with her facial expressions and moves.

There was unfortunately one more hurdle to overcome..who was going to film it? Laura suggested that it would be best filmed by someone with a dance background and put me in touch with Adam McMillan. He was very reasonably priced and we soon got to work on dates etc. I have to say that it was a complete leap of faith for us- it was the first video we not only weren’t in, but we weren’t even there when it was filmed!

I was on tenterhooks when it was sent to me but still had a great feeling about it and i was right. I was totally blown away by Kianna’s dancing, Laura’s choreography and the brilliant way Adam had filmed it. I really hope you’ll give it a watch and a share as it deserves it!

Please watch out for more important news coming soon!

Take care and thanks always for your support. Watch the video here!

Paula and Bravado xx

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