That Rare Breed- Bassius Playerius!

Have you ever seen one? They are so rare, that there is a massive reward for them. I’ve spent many nights in various camouflaged huts with only a pair of binoculars and twenty pot noodles for company, but still only spotted a few good ones in my life time.

Of course,  like any other breed, you’ll get the common ones….commit for two point two seconds then they’re off! However, the ones that really make my blood boil are the ‘I’m really a great guitarist, but I’ll play bass..” breed. If you can, please buy a cattle prod to keep this irritating, boastful creature at bay. If you don’t, they’ll be eyeing up your Ibanez guitar for their next feed or jumping in front of you for a twenty minute bass solo that just screams ‘ Get me out of this band and playing guitar in front of the Gods where I belong!!

Another playerius you must avoid at all costs is the ‘really keen at the startius’ These devious creatures will tell you they have enough gear to take the Rolling Stones on tour, a fleet of minibuses and exclusive access to Ozzy Osburne’s medicine cabinet. In reality, they could never go on tour as they have enough baggage to make Katie Price look like she’s travelling light. After promising they don’t mind the 200 mile round trip as they live at the other side of Scotland, they eventually REALLY think about it and decide it’s too much hassle. Best thing mate is to decide BEFORE you waste our time and yours.

The last creature that often applies to the ads is the ‘Too old- too young’ Now, before you call me ageist, I have spent years feeling like a freak with two heads because I DARED to play original music after the age of 19. There are proper problems with this and we have experience…The ‘too young’ tend to get bored very quickly and leave. There is also little in common and you are on completely different wave lengths. The ‘golden years crew’ have to remember that original bands do play out of town, go on tour and there are often very late nights. You do get your exceptions, I won’t argue with that, but it is rare. However, I would prefer the latter, purely for the experience they have.

It is then for this reason, we have decided to go mainly acoustic for cover versions next year. We are still looking for a bass players for originals. So if we haven’t scared you off and you don’t fit into any of the above categories, we’d love to meet you!

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