The Tour that almost NEVER Toured! (B.Y’s brave fight with cancer)

I’ve held off writing this blog for a while as we were so busy…..busier than expected so it turned out!

It all began at the tail end of last year. For the very first time B.Y had to cancel a gig due to pains in his stomach. These became more frequent, but like the brave guy he is, he soldiered through the gigs even though he was in agony. The worst had to be at the Attic Bar in Bonfest when he could barely walk, never mind play the drums..but once again, he did. Add to that, we were trying to get all the tracks recorded for our new album. Thankfully B.Y JUST managed to get all the drums down for ‘Cascadia’ in time.

A week later..the week before we were due to play our first date in Dundee, I got a call from B.Y to say he was in hospital. He had been taken in overnight with a high fever. Now he’d been diagnosed with gall stones and all manner of things before this, so imagine our shock when he said he had bowel cancer and had to be operated on straight away. Looking back though, the signs were there. B.Y had lost about half his weight in the last year and he looked pale and tired. However, true to form, he remained positive and upbeat about the whole thing and was sure he wasn’t letting cancer beat him! He was insistent we still went on with the tour….only problem was that we had a WEEK to find and rehearse up another drummer with THIRTEEN original songs! Most drummers would tell you to get lost (putting it politely) however, Baz Montgomery came to the rescue for both Blairgowrie and Dundee dates. If he hadn’t, they would have been cancelled so thanks Baz! Love ya!! xx Now it would have been great if ONE drummer could do ALL the 5 gigs, but no, that would be too easy. Garry McKay stepped in to do Glasgow and Edinburgh and Shaun Garrigan stepped in to do our other support slot in Edinburgh. To say it was a lot of pressure was an understatement! Some of these guys only had one rehearsal with us! However, we got through it but it wasn’t the same without B.Y.

Thankfully B.Y is on the mend and is going to be joining us tonight for the first gig since he was ill. So we are really looking forward to playing the ale fest in Blairgowrie with him. We hope you’ll leave a wee comment wishing him a speedy recovery and that he’s back full time with us soon! you can download the new album ‘Cascadia’ right here

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